Student Led Conferences

On October 30th we will be doing student led conferences. This is a new way we are doing conferences!  This is a day that your child, you, and myself will get to spend 15-20 minutes showing off  their work, explaining how our day works, and setting a few goals with you.

Please sign up here with your name and your child’s name~

If for some reason this time doesn’t work for you please let me know as soon as possible!  I will try to work with you but we only have the one day and, unless another parent needs a different time, it will be very difficult.


Spelling Test tomorrow and Some Weekly Info

Tomorrow is our second spelling test of the year. The words are with, at, was, are, his, they, for, he, as, on

These words remain up on the word wall all year and are available to your kids at all parts of the day. They will be responsible for 20 words total following this test. They will be held accountable in their reading and writing from all previous tested words.

In phonics we are working on blends which are when two consonants work together in a words. Last week we focused on l blends: /bl/ /cl/  /fl/ /pl/ etc. This week we will focus on s blends: /sp/ /sm/ /sk/ /st/ etc. Recognizing blends will help them to read better and write better.

In math, we are reviewing counting one to one, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and adding numbers. Our 1st 9 week benchmark is coming up next week.

In writing we will be creating and writing our class Spooky Story. This will take a couple of weeks to complete but interactive and shared writing is such a huge thing to model and promote independent writing.

In science we will learn facts about spiders. Researching  spiders and making a spider is part of our stations as well.

SPIRIT RIBBONS are for sale. $1

Buckets for Belle is this week.  Any donation is appreciated.

Homecoming Friday. Mums and garters may be worn to school. I will take pictures and then have them safe for the remainder of the day. Early release is at 1:15 on Friday. Please make arrangements and let me know via planner of any changes.

Graded papers will come home tomorrow. (Tues)

Math homework will be sent tomorrow. (Tues)

If you have any questions, feel free to text. (903)985-0778






Today we had our amazing counselor come and talk to us about spreading kindness and giving other people compliments to lift one another up! This was our kindness circle full of sweet, kind kiddos with big smiles


Upcoming Dates and Important Info

First off, your kids are amazing!!!

Next some important dates coming your way!

I am giving until tomorrow afternoon to place scholastic orders. My scholastic code is NGZ2M if you would like to order online. Send CHECKS otherwise. Scholastic book orders are a great way to get books your kids are interested in and WANT to read. A child is driven by interest. Buying or selecting books from a book order or library also give your kiddo a chance to have favorite authors, genres, or characters that they fall in love with!

Thursday Sept 2o, PICTURE DAY!! All students will have their picture taken for the yearbook! Smile!!!!

Friday, send a note for Pep Rally of you would like your child to participate.

We have early release next Wednesday, September 26th for PLC teacher training.  A note will go home about the times and I will let you know via blog as well.

October 5th is our Homecoming and there will be an early release day for that too so that any and all students who want to attend can.  We will release at 1:15 on October 5th for many reasons (traffic being the main one for our bus route).  Your kiddo can wear a mum or garter to school but we will take them off and keep them safe until it is time to be released.

Please make all transportation arrangements for early release days and let me know through the planner.

Spelling:  These are our words for the next two weeks: he, for, was, on, are, as, with, his, they, at  We have highlighted the first 10 words on our spelling list.  I will be holding them accountable for these words in their reading and writing from now on!  I do give an “authentic” spelling grade from their writing 2-3 times in a nine weeks.  This means I grade spelling words that they use when they write.

Phonics:  We should know short vowel sounds and are now working on long vowel sounds and word families.

Math:  We are working on the greater than/less than/equal to vocabulary and signs.  We continue to do number talks to allow the students to share how they see and understand numbers.  We are also talking about addition and subtraction on the number path.

Science/Social Studies:  We are working on color mixing and doing some fun experiments with that.  We are also talking about our 5 senses.  We read and watch some awesome books and videos this week and next week we get to “test” our senses.  They enjoy being scientists.

“Mixing it Up” in Science

We have been exploring colors!!! What happens when you mix colors together!? Yesterday we got to use our science fingers to mix paint and today we got a little SCIENTIFIC and tasty treat! I’d say they enjoyed themselves all while learning! Tomorrow we learn some more with another fun experiment!