Santa came to school today and Mrs. Hart’s class was on his list. Santa had us make a promise to keep up our good work at school and to leave him delicious milk and cookies! Santa told us to make sure we try extra hard to make the nice list!!

Here are those sweeties enjoying and being happy to see Santa Claus!!!






December, already!?!?

Time is flying!!

We will be testing for end of semester reading levels over the next couple of weeks. Remember, a level 10 is the December first grade reading expectation. Your child will be bringing home self choice books because of the testing week. They may also read books from home.

New reading logs are coming home.

Our Christmas party will be on Thursday, December 20th at 9:00.  Gaby Soliz is volunteering with organizing/planning/fun and games for this fun day.  Thank you Gaby!!  If you would like to help and are not contacted by her soon, let me know and I will get you in touch with her.  I would also like to do a coloring book exchange this year for them to give to one another.  Please do not spend more than a few dollars (I know the dollar store has some cute ones). Boys buy for boys and girls buy for girls.

Spelling words: which, their, said, if, do, will, we, there, can, an, your   Please have fun while practicing these words at home.  There and Their are so tricky for them.  I make a poster with them and I draw a person out of the “i” in their to make the connection with possession, or belonging to a person,  and we link there to a place Where? Over “there”.

Math: We will continue to build up our addition and subtraction strategies and begin to use bigger numbers.  We are learning how to do a survey, collect data, and create different types of graphs using this information.

Writing:  In Writers Workshop they will continue writing stories about anything they’d like.  They are all at different stages of writing which is what makes this time so fun.  We are really focusing on what details we need in a story to make it a great story.

Thank you! Don’t hesitate to text anytime.

Welcome Back!!

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing and restful Thanksgiving Holiday!! It was nice to see everyone’s smiling faces this morning.

First thing: Temperatures are cold and we go out for recess, before noon and before it heats up. Please be aware of temperatures and know that we will be going outside if temperature meets requirements and our babies need to be warm!

We have new spelling words: we, there, can, an, your

Math- continuing subtraction, and learning graphs and taking data and surveys

Writing- Starting with letters to Santa which will be featured in the newspaper. Then continuing to make our stories better and better with details, beg, mid, and end. We will also start really making all kiddos stay on topic throughout writing.

Science- Christmas and Reindeer Research.

**Christmas Party**- From my beginning of the year sign up, No one had volunteered to be a room mother. If you would like to head-up the Christmas party, please let me know. I have a full list of volunteers to make planning go smoothly. It won’t be all on our room mom (just incase you’re nervous) hahaha  🙂


The excitement of Christmas and Santa is in the air!! I love it!!

Thanksgiving Festivities–Pictures

Don’t forget! Readers’ Theater tomorrow at 12:00. You can sign them out afterward!!

Have a safe, relaxin, fun Holiday Week!!

Today we made homemade butter just like the pilgrims!!….well kind of! We all worked together to SHAKE the whipping cream until it was butter!! Then we got to eat it on some rolls!! We also had out candlelight Thanksgiving Feast as a class! We also have been making Turkey Hideouts to protect the turkey from getting eaten!


It was a great day!!







Almost Turkey Time

4 more days until a week off full of family time! I know I am ready!

We will have a full week of great learning and fun!!

Tomorrow will be a spelling test. It will just be of the 5 spelling words we have had the last two weeks (all, but, were, what, when) along with the previous ones.

We will continue doing addition and subtraction problem solving.

We will have our First Grade Feast on Thursday. Please no lunch  visitors, as this is a special day for our kiddos!

Friday at 12:00 will be our Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater . Continue to practice loud and proud at home! This will only take about 20 minutes and then you and your families  can sign your sweetie out and start your holidays early!!

If anything else comes up, I will let you know!

This week

Today, a note is coming home about a Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater. Each child will be in charge of a part of the story “The Night Before Thanksgiving.” The performance will be Friday, November 16th at 12:00 in our classroom. If your child cannot make it, please let me know ASAP so their part can be covered.

Their homework is to practice their part LOUD and SLOWLY to be heard for the performance. It doesn’t have to be memorized but does need to be fluent and phrased. Practice every night in addition to their nightly reader.

Spelling this week is the same as last week: but, what, all, were, when 

Math: introduction of subtraction (Minus Linus and making numbers smaller by taking away) and continuing shapes.

Writing: We will begin our class Turkey Story and continue to work on independent writing with beginning, middle, and end in addition to our penmanship.

Phonics: 3 sounds of -ed. Sometimes you hear -ed like in shouted. Sometimes it sounds like a -t like in stopped. Sometimes it sounds like a -d like in watered. The kids come across these in books and need to know what sounds right and what makes sense when coming to a word with -ED at the end.

Two more weeks before break and still SO much to learn and progress in! Thanks for all you do! Time sure is FLYING!!

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween from our favorite kiddos!!

We made trEAts and learned about the vowel team -EA

and had a great day of candy corn math!!

The book coming home with them -“There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Bat” is theirs to keep!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!












Halloween Week

Happy Halloween Week!!!

This week is already off to a fun and crazy start and will only get crazier.

Today we carved a pumpkin and wrote “how to carve a pumpkin” in order using  our order words: first, next, then, and last

The class voted to name it… Piper Pumpkin

With conferences all day tomorrow and halloween being a half day, I will not be able to read with many groups. Please be aware that your child will be bringing home a “self choice” book. This means they read a book from school, or home, or be read to for their homework. Record this in the reading log please.

Spelling words for the next two weeks are but, what, all, were, when, we, can, there, an, you

Phonics- vowel teams:  oo, ea, oa, ee, etc.

In math, continuing shapes, attributes of shapes, and manipulating shapes to make other known shapes.

Writing, we finished and illustrated our spooky class story and it is in the hall. You can look at it tomorrow after we have our conferences. 🙂 They did so well!! We will continue to work on a beg, mid, and end to a story alllllll year along with adding details and using our spelling words, blends, and diagraphs correctly in our writing.

Thank you to all the parents who sent supplies for our fun halloween activities!! I appreciate it, and so do the kids!!

Remember only story book characters for our dress up day on Halloween

No blood or gore, please.

Thanks! See you tomorrow!


We are a team!

As a team the kids work together to receive whole-group compliments. This can be a compliment from another teacher, principal, or cafeteria monitor. They receive them all over the building from the hallway, classroom, or great behavior around the school. Our goal is always 20 total. Each time they get a compliment, a critter goes in the jar! Today they earned their 20 critters…. and on a great day! TEAM UP day!! They got an extra recess and a yummy treat!! They are a great group!!