Frog and Toad-Thursday

Don’t forget our Frog and Toad performance on Thursday, March 7th @ 9:00 in the cafeteria.

Dark jeans, leggings or pants and tennis shoes for this day please!  They have cute little costumes provided to put on over what they wear.

You may sign your child out in my classroom after the performance.

News For The Next Two Weeks


Several graded papers are coming home today from the course of a few weeks. Please review and go over these with your child praising or to have teaching point. Time to the half hour is sometimes tricky. We have talked and practiced many strategies to get it just right but maybe you can offer something special to help them in your own way.

Wednesday is an early release day. Students will be release at 11:30 and our schedule will be changed around to accommodate the early release. NO LUNCH VISITORS, please. Also, please make arrangements to have kids picked up, or a person waiting at the bus stop, on time. Please note in the planner if there will be an alternate transportation.

Mark your calendars: Next Thursday, March 7, 1st grade will be having a theatrical performance of Frog and Toad. The performance will be on the stage in the cafeteria at 9:00. Hopefully you can make arrangements and be here for this fun and cute play!

We are moving right along, and Spring Break is almost here!!! (9 days, but hey, who is counting?) I am very very impressed with this class as a whole! I know you have seen all the amazing progress they have all worked hard to make!! They are SUPER KIDS!! I am blessed to have each and every one of them! Thank you all for working at home and making them in to such wonderful kids!!

If you need anything, please text or call anytime!


Student Holiday and Book Order

Thank you for making it to the Valentine’s Party and thank you for the sweet and thoughtful gifts! I feel so loved! This class is so special and I’m sure you have seen all the amazing progress they have made!


No school Monday! President’s Day Holiday


Also, I was talking to the kids and they would like me to extend the book order until Tuesday. Our class code is NG2ZM if you would like to order online or please send a CHECK made out to Scholastic.


Thank you or all you do!!



Valentine’s Week

Hopefully everyone is well. A lot of sickness is spreading through our halls. Help your kiddos remember to wash hands, use hand sanitizer, and sneeze into their elbow.

Friendly reminder to please send any valentine’s by the 14th. We will need all valentine’s passed out prior to the party. If you are bringing special goodies for the party those may be passed out as a party favor or party snack.

Book orders are coming home today and are due Friday. I have purchased each student A Bad Case of Stripes as their valentine gift from me, just so you know instead of purchasing it yourself.

Valentine Party is Thursday, at 11:45

We have learned about nouns, and adjectives (describing words) and this week we are beginning verbs (action, I can words).

In math  we are focusing on ways to make 10, reviewing time, and reviewing halves and fourths. They are working very hard.

In writing, we will begin writing friendly letters to peers in our school. We continue to work on penmanship, punctuation, and what makes a good story.

As you know, I have flexible seating in the classroom and your child may  sit wherever they would like unless your child abuses the furniture, is unkind to someone at their table, or can’t control their talking.

In science we will be covering president’s day and American symbols.

Spelling words: so, some, these, would, other, now, my, people, into, has

Spelling Test- Next Tuesday

Thanks for all you do. Please feel free to contact me about ANYTHING.


CHAMPS assembly reminder

Please have your child here by 7:45 tomorrow morning so we can head to the stage promptly after. The assembly will start at 8 am so if you are planning to be there, get a great seat~

They have worked so hard!! I am proud of them!

Also below are pictures from our 100th day!! Thank you to all the parents that sent goodies to make it a great, memorable day!


Hip, Hip Hooray It’s the 100th day and CHAMPS assembly Info

Can you belive next Tuesday will be the 100th day!?!? 100 days of learning and growing! Academically. Socially. Physically. Your children have amazed me in every way!! I am proud of them! Below is a sign up for the fun activities we have for the 100th day!! It’s a pretty big deal!!


Also we take the stage next Friday, Feb 1 for our CHAMPS assembly. It starts promptly at 8:00 a.m Be there early for a great seat!

Our character trait to teach is KINDNESS!!!!! It’ll be a fun one to do!

I have been out for wisdom teeth surgery and my dad had a pacemaker put in this week as well. All is great in both areas!  I am so thankful for your patience AND truly in awe of how great the kids have been for subs and how flexible they have been with the changes!I have missed them dearly and they make me smile so big every day!

Thanks for all you do!

-Mrs. Hart

This weeks CHAMPS:

This week

I will be returning to school tomorrow! I’m sorry I was out. That wisdom teeth surgery was no joke. lol

This week will be a little different due to early release and my absence.

Early release tomorrow at 11:30 for PLC training for teachers. Student will release at 11:30. No Boys and Girls club. PLEASE make changes in transportation notes in the planner.

100th day of school on Tuesday the 29th (will be needing a little help from my friends to donate)I will do a sign up for a few fun things that I will be needing for our 100th day of school soon!!!

Feb 1st- CHAMPS Assembly when we are on stage!! 8:00am

Valentine’s Day Party on the 14th (will also be needing a little help).  If there is anyone willing to head up the Valentine’s Day Party please let me know!!!! This one is less maintenance because of all the valentines they can read.

Spelling:  We will be having a spelling test on Thursday with these words–will, each, about, how, up, out, them, then, she, many. 

The new spelling words for the next two weeks will be– some, so, these, would, other, into, has, more, her, two.  Please remember to practice these words having fun!  Also all words learned before are held accountable in independent writing and spelling tests for spelling grades. The more hands-on you make these words the more concrete they become.

Phonics:  We have covered so much the past few weeks. We will continue to work on vowel teams, blends, vowels– both long and short, word families, etc… We will begin nouns, adjectives, and verbs over the next few weeks.

Math:  The focus over the next two weeks will be telling time (hour and half hour) and fractions.  We will always continue focusing on addition, subtraction, and word problem strategies.  Please work on plus 1 and minus 1 with your babies.  We will also be touching on counting coins in the very near future so if you want a jump start go ahead!   🙂

Writing: Our focus is on story elements (beginning, middle, end, characters, problems, solution) and punctuation.  They are improving so much on their stories.  Writing is hard because there is so much to remember but I am so proud of them!!!

Science/Social Studies:  Arctic animals and Arctic climate! We will be learning and having fun over the next few weeks.

Last weeks CHAMP Award Winners:

Kinsler- Car Pickup Champ

Lawsyn- Always Showing Honesty

Aubrey- Reading Every Night

Kolbee- Character Ed Champ

If you are wanting to conference, talk, catch up, have any concerns,or just have ask any questions let me know and I will be happy to meet with you or schedule a conference in person or over the phone.

As always, I am here if you have any questions!!!

<3 L. Hart