Beginning today…

8cxKnXn9iPlease check your child’s planner each day for a green smiley face that indicates good behavior. If there is a sticker, this means your child went above and beyond and received the color of “BLUE” which means STARSTUDENT. There are several ways a student can achieve the color blue (being polite, helping a classmate, following directions, cleaning the room, and extreme kindness are just some examples). If your child moves to yellow or red, I will write a brief note in the yellow box. Please initial so that I know you have reviewed this each day. Also, read what your child writes in the planner. There will be a message each day. If there is something you need to let me know, please write it in the planner. I check these every morning and it is more reliable than the phone.


Each child will be bringing home a book and their reading log beginning today. Be patient with me. If the book is too easy, read it several times to improve fluency. If the book is too hard, just read it to them. It will take me a couple weeks to get all of their reading levels for a better choice of take home readers. Please list the book, comments and initial the reading log each day and send it back to school the next day.

Parent Orientation is set for September 15th at 6:00. I hope everyone can be there so I can go more in-depth of first grade expectations and answer your questions.

Thanks for all that you do 🙂

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This coming week

We had a very successful first week of school and I hope your kiddos are enjoying it as much as I am! I am very blessed to have each student! They are all so special and make me laugh on a daily basis!

I know it will be a GREAT year!

Next week we will begin going full throttle in the classroom! We will begin work stations and one on one reading!

We will also be learning about tools to solve word problems (hundreds chart, drawing pictures, number line, and tens frames) along with counting collections!

This week’s spelling words are






please practice these spelling my words this week! Writing them in fun ways seems to help (in the sand, shaving cream, make a game out of it). The students will also be working with these in class.

We will start our “Kevin Henkes” book study this week also! They will hear so many great books!!


Thank you for ALL that you do!

Lacey James


I’m an expert homework and notes

Some notes are coming home today along with an “I’m an Expert” assignment. There is a note explaining the assignment and we did my example in class today!


Please work with your student to think of what the are exceptionally good at and why!! (swimming, cheerleading, football, bike rider, etc). Have fun!!






I adore you all!

Good afternoon!!

I was so excited to meet all of your smiling faces last night at “Meet the Teacher!” It made me even MORE excited to get the year started! Thank you for filling out the paperwork and organizing the school supplies. I know it was chaotic, but I am so glad I got to meet each precious student and parent that walked in our classroom!

On Monday, you will be able to walk your student to the room to drop them off, so I am sure I will be seeing a lot of you again. 🙂


**For those families that were unable to make it, I can’t wait until Monday so I can meet you then!! Please send school supplies with your student along with a note with how they will be getting home.

Also: Planner and Folder and Party money is $10.00 cash only.

It is going to be an AMAZING, WONDERFUL, EXCITING, FABULOUS year and I am so blessed to have all of you as we go through this year together!!

See ya Monday,

Ms. Lacey James


Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

[email protected]

Meet The Teacher!

backtoschool1The White Oak teachers and staff are hard at work to prepare for our 2015-2016 school year!!

I am so excited to be getting ready for another year! This year will be a year full of learning and growing into the best we can be! 

I am looking forward to meeting you all on Thursday at “Meet The Teacher.”  The event will take place from 4-5. This will be the time to bring the school supplies, pay for planners and parties ($10- cash only), and of course for me to have the pleasure of meeting you and your wonderful first grader!

I can’t wait!!

Wear a smile! I will see you on Thursday!! 🙂


Ms. Lacey James