We are rocking’ and rollin’

I hope you had a nice, restful weekend!!

We will be focusing more on writing this week. We will be using /s blends/ in our word work and in our writing.

We will also be having guided reading lessons all week. Continue signing those reading logs and add any comments you would like. 🙂

In math this week we will find all addition combinations for a given number. We will do this in computation and problem solving.

We will be using what we have learned about the 5 senses to explore the four seasons of the year in science. The weather should be nice for us to go out to the Nature Center and see, smell, hear, and touch all the different things there.

Also, please ask your kids to TEACH you what they know about the eye, nose, tongue, and ears. You will be surprised.

They also might tell you how BITTER something tastes. This week in stations I am playing a joke on your precious babies. I placed a 100% cocao baking chocolate bar in their research station. They are to predict the taste and then experiment by tasting the items.  So chips are salty, warheads are sour, gummies are sweet and they also predict the chocolate bar to be sweet… it looks like a yummy candy bar SURPRISE it is bitter! Haha they can’t get to the trashcan fast enough to spit it out. I think it is a great way to teach the bitterness taste and to teach the scientific method of predicting and experiment to see if your prediction was correct. It is also really funny to watch 🙂

Here are some upcoming events to look forward to:

Sept.28-Progress Reports Sent Home

Sept. 30-Fall Pictures

Oct. 7-Early Student Release @ 11:30

Oct. 8- Ms. James will be out- There will be a substitute teacher

Oct. 16-End of Six Weeks

Oct. 16-Homecoming Early Release @ 1:15 (cars) @1:30 (buses) and  2:3o Pep Rally


Any questions or concerns please contact me.

[email protected]

Thank you! Happy Monday,

Lacey James