November 2-6

Spelling words:

but, what, all, were, when

Math: practicing shapes and combinations in stations while continuing to learn subtraction strategies and problem solving.

Reading: ABC Order to the second letter and reviewing  blends and digraphs while reading and writing.

Writing: Concentration on finger spaces, capital letters, punctuation, and  penmanship. Also continuing discussion on what good writers do and what makes a good sentence.

I will be at a literacy conference in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday. This is a great opportunity for me to come back with even more helpful ways to get our kids reading and writing. I am excited to get to attend!! There will be a substitute. I have explained to the kiddos to be on their very best behavior. Please help me out there!

As always, contact me at anytime. The best way will be through email this weekend and Monday and Tuesday!! Thank you!!

Have a safe and happy Halloween!!!!

Ms. Lacey James

Happy Halloween


We have been making class books in class and this week we made “Trick or Treater, Trick or Treater.” It is a writing activity based on the “Brown Bear” book!

Please watch our book!! And YES, I am dressed like a giant cookie and YES I can barely move.



The first grade teachers were book characters today!

If you give a Mouse a Cookie


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Viola Swamp

My adorable class!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!Halloween2

Halloween1Halloweeeeen Halloweeen

Red Ribbon Week

Hi everyone! This is going to be a fun week for your kiddos. Along with Red Ribbon week, I have several activities planned to keep them learning and engaged.

drugfreeTuesday is wear a college or White Oak shirt or jersey to help them “look to the future”

Wednesday is hat day “keep your head on straight”

Thursday is tie dye and stuffed animal day “peace and hugs not drugs”

Friday is costume day “spook out drugs”

Spelling test is tomorrow! They are bringing home their spelling preview to study. Please see which words they arehaving trouble with.

We are learning about ABC order and how it can help.

In math we are learning subtraction. We are learning how the answer will be smaller than the first number. We are looking for keywords and working on strategies to subtract, take away, and have less.

We are finishing up owls this week and will also talk about being drug free.

Calie’s Acre

We had a blast on our field trip!!! It was a great day at Calie’s Acre!!IMG_5948 IMG_5950

On the bus!! Anticipating the arrival!!IMG_5960

Story time!! Spookly the Pumpkin! A heroic pumpkin saves the day even though he is different! A lesson on Bully Awareness Month.



LoLo the mini donkey loved to get pet!IMG_5974

What a great looking group!!

The Hayride!!

It was so fun!!IMG_5982 IMG_5983

The haymaze!IMG_5984 IMG_5985


Waiting on the barrel train!!IMG_5999

We fed ducks!IMG_6004

I have several of these! This is my favorite picture!! I am definitely getting this one framed!!IMG_6005Just a swinging!IMG_6011 IMG_6012A nice cool treat after a long day!!

What a great field trip!!

Calie’s Acre Note Coming Home

A note is coming home. It is asking if you will be supplying your own sack lunch and drink for your child or if you will need the cafeteria to provide one for your child.

*Please no lunch boxes. ALL sack lunches and drinks must have a name on it. Please be sure you have a name taped to drinks. They will be in an ice chest all day.

Also, please send your money if you haven’t already,  or let me know by tomorrow if you will need help financially to provide the money.

On Thursday please have your child wear tennis shoes and appropriate clothing to be outside and playing in.

Pep Rally/Homecoming Early Release Reminder

Tomorrow is HOMECOMING FRIDAY in White Oak!!! megaphone

We will be having an Early Release at 1:15 for car pickups and busses with dismiss at 1:30. Please make arrangements for these times.

Mums and Garters may be worn to school but will be placed in a safe spot in the classroom to avoid tearing.

The Homecoming Pep Rally will begin at 2:30 at the stadium. If you want to attend be sure to get there a little early..I’m sure it will be packed 🙂

Have a great Friday and weekend!



Homecoming Week

Hey guys! Hope everyone has had a restful weekend. This is going to be a busy week. I will do my best to give you a run down on all school happenings and then our classroom update.


First of all it is HOMECOMING week. How exciting for these kiddos. We will have early release on Friday, 1:15 for car pick-ups and 1:30 for bus riders. We are doing this to avoid A LOT of traffic issues with the Pep Rally. The Pep Rally will be held at the football fields at 2:30 to help accommodate for the homecoming crowd. The kids can wear their mums and garters to school but I will have them take them off and place them in a special spot so they do not get messed up. Some parents just take pictures and keep them at home, completely up to you!

I am sending a letter home about a field trip that we will be taking to Calie’s Acres on October 22nd. The cost is $8 per student and $5 for any adult entry. Please do not let cost keep your child from coming with us. Contact me and I will find a way to get them there!!! The kids will be kept very busy and they are going to have a blast. They also get to bring home a pumpkin. The bus can only carry students so if you plan on attending with your child you will have to drive there. Your student will need to ride the bus with his/her classmates but I will have a sign out sheet if you want to take them home with you. A sack lunch will need to be sent so your kiddo can eat and then throw away lunches so they don’t have to keep up with anything.

Now for the classroom specifics 🙂

Spelling words for the next two weeks are: be, this, from, I, have, or, by, one, had, not. We work on 5 words a week.

Phonics: We have worked on long and short vowels a lot. We are focusing now on consonant blends. Example: fr, tr, gr, pl, bl, cl etc… Noticing these blends is so important in reading and writing.

Math: We continue to work on joining sets and word problems. We have learned to use pictures, number paths, 120’s charts, counters, ten frames, and blocks to solve problems. We will work on shapes and attributes this week and continue problem solving.

Writing: I am really talking with them about what makes a good sentence and story.

Science/Social Studies: We are talking about Nocturnal animals and what makes them different. We have learned about spiders and bats so far. We will get heaving into bats this week so get ready for some excitement. We will also discuss Fall and what differences we see and feel.

Please feel free to contact me any time!!!