Calie’s Acre

We had a blast on our field trip!!! It was a great day at Calie’s Acre!!IMG_5948 IMG_5950

On the bus!! Anticipating the arrival!!IMG_5960

Story time!! Spookly the Pumpkin! A heroic pumpkin saves the day even though he is different! A lesson on Bully Awareness Month.



LoLo the mini donkey loved to get pet!IMG_5974

What a great looking group!!

The Hayride!!

It was so fun!!IMG_5982 IMG_5983

The haymaze!IMG_5984 IMG_5985


Waiting on the barrel train!!IMG_5999

We fed ducks!IMG_6004

I have several of these! This is my favorite picture!! I am definitely getting this one framed!!IMG_6005Just a swinging!IMG_6011 IMG_6012A nice cool treat after a long day!!

What a great field trip!!