Red Ribbon Week

Hi everyone! This is going to be a fun week for your kiddos. Along with Red Ribbon week, I have several activities planned to keep them learning and engaged.

drugfreeTuesday is wear a college or White Oak shirt or jersey to help them “look to the future”

Wednesday is hat day “keep your head on straight”

Thursday is tie dye and stuffed animal day “peace and hugs not drugs”

Friday is costume day “spook out drugs”

Spelling test is tomorrow! They are bringing home their spelling preview to study. Please see which words they arehaving trouble with.

We are learning about ABC order and how it can help.

In math we are learning subtraction. We are learning how the answer will be smaller than the first number. We are looking for keywords and working on strategies to subtract, take away, and have less.

We are finishing up owls this week and will also talk about being drug free.