Almost Turkey Time

4 more days until a week off full of family time! I know I am ready!

We will have a full week of great learning and fun!!

Tomorrow will be a spelling test. It will just be of the 5 spelling words we have had the last two weeks (all, but, were, what, when) along with the previous ones.

We will continue doing addition and subtraction problem solving.

We will have our First Grade Feast on Thursday. Please no lunch  visitors, as this is a special day for our kiddos!

Friday at 12:00 will be our Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater . Continue to practice loud and proud at home! This will only take about 20 minutes and then you and your families  can sign your sweetie out and start your holidays early!!

If anything else comes up, I will let you know!

This week

Today, a note is coming home about a Thanksgiving Reader’s Theater. Each child will be in charge of a part of the story “The Night Before Thanksgiving.” The performance will be Friday, November 16th at 12:00 in our classroom. If your child cannot make it, please let me know ASAP so their part can be covered.

Their homework is to practice their part LOUD and SLOWLY to be heard for the performance. It doesn’t have to be memorized but does need to be fluent and phrased. Practice every night in addition to their nightly reader.

Spelling this week is the same as last week: but, what, all, were, when 

Math: introduction of subtraction (Minus Linus and making numbers smaller by taking away) and continuing shapes.

Writing: We will begin our class Turkey Story and continue to work on independent writing with beginning, middle, and end in addition to our penmanship.

Phonics: 3 sounds of -ed. Sometimes you hear -ed like in shouted. Sometimes it sounds like a -t like in stopped. Sometimes it sounds like a -d like in watered. The kids come across these in books and need to know what sounds right and what makes sense when coming to a word with -ED at the end.

Two more weeks before break and still SO much to learn and progress in! Thanks for all you do! Time sure is FLYING!!