About Ms. James

Hello!! My name is Lacey James and I am so excited for this year!! I am a fourth year teacher and am so blessed to be teaching at White Oak where it is filled with love and care! I have a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend, a super awesome dog, and great friends that support me and have molded me into the woman I am today. I love to go to the movies and to paint and go fishing! I also love music, animals, and the outdoors. My favorite color is purple and I love Chinese food and sushi. I absolutely love teaching and can't wait to guide these kiddos into exploration, imagination, and learning. You will be amazed at how much your child will grow and learn in 1st grade. I am super excited to meet you and your kiddo! If you ever want to talk or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anytime. Let's make this school year GREAT!! :)

Halloween Week

Happy Halloween Week!!!

This week is already off to a fun and crazy start and will only get crazier.

Today we carved a pumpkin and wrote “how to carve a pumpkin” in order using  our order words: first, next, then, and last

The class voted to name it… Piper Pumpkin

With conferences all day tomorrow and halloween being a half day, I will not be able to read with many groups. Please be aware that your child will be bringing home a “self choice” book. This means they read a book from school, or home, or be read to for their homework. Record this in the reading log please.

Spelling words for the next two weeks are but, what, all, were, when, we, can, there, an, you

Phonics- vowel teams:  oo, ea, oa, ee, etc.

In math, continuing shapes, attributes of shapes, and manipulating shapes to make other known shapes.

Writing, we finished and illustrated our spooky class story and it is in the hall. You can look at it tomorrow after we have our conferences. 🙂 They did so well!! We will continue to work on a beg, mid, and end to a story alllllll year along with adding details and using our spelling words, blends, and diagraphs correctly in our writing.

Thank you to all the parents who sent supplies for our fun halloween activities!! I appreciate it, and so do the kids!!

Remember only story book characters for our dress up day on Halloween

No blood or gore, please.

Thanks! See you tomorrow!


Student Led Conferences

On October 30th we will be doing student led conferences. This is a new way we are doing conferences!  This is a day that your child, you, and myself will get to spend 15-20 minutes showing off  their work, explaining how our day works, and setting a few goals with you.

Please sign up here with your name and your child’s name~


If for some reason this time doesn’t work for you please let me know as soon as possible!  I will try to work with you but we only have the one day and, unless another parent needs a different time, it will be very difficult.


Spelling Test tomorrow and Some Weekly Info

Tomorrow is our second spelling test of the year. The words are with, at, was, are, his, they, for, he, as, on

These words remain up on the word wall all year and are available to your kids at all parts of the day. They will be responsible for 20 words total following this test. They will be held accountable in their reading and writing from all previous tested words.

In phonics we are working on blends which are when two consonants work together in a words. Last week we focused on l blends: /bl/ /cl/  /fl/ /pl/ etc. This week we will focus on s blends: /sp/ /sm/ /sk/ /st/ etc. Recognizing blends will help them to read better and write better.

In math, we are reviewing counting one to one, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and adding numbers. Our 1st 9 week benchmark is coming up next week.

In writing we will be creating and writing our class Spooky Story. This will take a couple of weeks to complete but interactive and shared writing is such a huge thing to model and promote independent writing.

In science we will learn facts about spiders. Researching  spiders and making a spider is part of our stations as well.

SPIRIT RIBBONS are for sale. $1

Buckets for Belle is this week.  Any donation is appreciated.

Homecoming Friday. Mums and garters may be worn to school. I will take pictures and then have them safe for the remainder of the day. Early release is at 1:15 on Friday. Please make arrangements and let me know via planner of any changes.

Graded papers will come home tomorrow. (Tues)

Math homework will be sent tomorrow. (Tues)

If you have any questions, feel free to text. (903)985-0778





2nd Grade–Here we come!!!

I can’t believe it’s the last day to be with my sweet group of 1st graders.

They have all grown so much in academics but also grown a HUGE place in my heart!!

They are ready for whatever comes their way!

I would like to thank all of you for being the best parents and letting me love on your babies this year. This group is truly special and I am going to miss each hug and smile!

Keep their brains fresh and keep them reading over the summer. Be on the lookout for programs offered by Longview and Kilgore Public libraries! AND please keep in  touch with me! I would love to know how each kiddo’s summer is going!

I have loved this year so much and I am SO going to miss these sweeties! I’m always here for them and you!

Here is a little video of our AMAZING year!!

Holy Moly! It’s MAY!

May! The busiest time of the year and also the most unreal. I can’t believe our babies are almost 2nd graders! This group is so special and I am so blessed to have been part of their journey as well as them in my journey!

This Wednesday, May 2nd, we have class group pictures.  The cost is $10.00 CASH ONLY for an 8×10 and 5×7 funny shot.  This is a great keep sake for them and you.  An envelope came home today. All cash is due Friday, May 4th.

Our read-a-thon is also going on this week! I have sent home two notes to get their account set up and directions of the contest. Just setting up an account will get them a free prize which is always fun! If you would like to donate and promote reading, please do so through your child’s account. After your child’s account is set up you can then share through facebook or twitter to raise money. This is the only fundraiser for our school and we benefit a great deal. Again, this is a donation. But please at least set up your kiddo so they can receive the free prize and get more excited about reading!

We are having our final spelling test tomorrow on the following words: way, find, water, may, use, long, little, very, after, words

Math:  We will start double digit addition and subtraction without regrouping, and we have finished out segment on 3 dimensional shapes but will continue to review.  This week we will  work on fractions, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.  We will also work on expanded notation.

Phonics:  We are reviewing a lot of things that seem to be giving us a little trouble in our writing like sneaky “e” at the end of words and vowel combinations.

Writing:  Our focus is still on beginning-middle-end of stories and adding details and imagination. You will see another graded writing sample come home tomorrow along with other graded papers.

Thank you~

I appreciate you, if you have any questions or concerns please call or text! (903)985-0778

-Mrs. Hart

April 16-27th

Hello all!

This week we are continuing guided reading groups and working hard in all subjects.

We are going to be focusing on capitalization and punctuation in writing as well as when and how to use them.

In math, we are focusing on 3D shapes and their attributes allowing with reviewing skip counting, money, and time.

Spelling words for the next two weeks are:  way, find,use,water, may, long, little, very, after, words and they are still responsible for all words from the past.

Science- we are learning life cycles of many things from butterflies, to frogs, to plants.

KONA ICE will be here next Tuesday, April 24th. THE MONEY IS DUE THURSDAY APRIL 19th. No exceptions. You need to fill out the order form and have CASH ONLY turned in by Thursday. Sizes and amounts are on the order form as well.

1st grade field day is Wednesday, April 25th from 12:30-2:30 and will be outdoors. They will need to wear clothes that can get muddy and wet. No swimsuits or flip flops. Water bottles and caps are allowed as long as the child’s name in written on it.

If your child will leave with you, you may check them out with me. If they are staying for the remainder of the day, send an extra set of dry clothes.

Lots of info! There is not much more of 1st grade left and I am so proud of each child and how far they’ve come! 🙂

STAAR Testing, Zoo Trip, and this week

Intermediate students will be testing Tuesday and Wednesday. We have to be a closed campus and no outside visitors or outside lunches will be allowed. We have to really work hard for our upstairs friends to be successful.

Also,  will be going to the zoo this Wednesday.  Please make sure your child is in comfortable tennis shoes and is wearing a White Oak shirt (if you have one).  To help make the morning flow smoothly, please put your child’s name on his/her lunch and drinks. Masking tape and sharpie is usually a great way to have a name that won’t come off.  I put the drinks in a cooler so they are cold when they go to lunch.  I will be separating the drinks from the lunches.  There have been reports of a lot of you joining us! I am excited to hear that! Your child still has to ride the bus to the zoo but can ride home with you after you sign them out from the group. If you are a designated chaperone, and have other children with you, you will have the stay the entirety of the trip. I am excited and so are the kiddos! It will be a fun trip!

We are learning about or state and will be using it across the room in all subjects.

In Math, we will continue skip counting, time, coins, and problem solving.

Parents, I know baseball and softball season is in full gear, but be aware of your child continuing his/her reading each day along with any other homework comes home. We continue to have lots to do and reading each day at home help push the students closer and closer to their reading goal.

Stamina is something we will push for. Although students may be reading on or above level , the books get very long as the reading level continues to go up and we want them to be able to read without tiring out and losing comprehension.

Thank you all for everything you do!

I appreciate you!

-Mrs. Hart

CHAMPS Assembly This Friday

I hope you all had a blessed Easter! Thank you all for helping make our Easter Party a success! An inside Easter Egg hunt was a challenge, but they had fun and had some fun treats!

Your child will be on stage Friday morning at 8:00 to have an assembly about DETERMINATION!!! They will be practicing all week and may have parts to bring home to practice 🙂 Be sure to be in the cafeteria a little early to find a spot because the skit will start promptly at 8:00 

Your student should have brought home a note yesterday for our field trip next Wednesday, April 11.  I need this form back as soon as possible.  This note will serve as their permission slip to go and let us know how many lunches might be needed from the cafeteria.  If I do not get this form back, they will not be allowed to go.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  The first round of STAAR testing will begin next Tuesday and Wednesday (this is why we are vacating the building on Wednesday) so you will be unable to eat with your kiddo on Tuesday.  We have to keep it as quiet as possible for our upstairs friends.

Spelling:  Spelling Test Today:  no, make, than, first, been, its, who, now, people, my

along with other previously tested words. They are held accountable for all of them!

Math:  Please continue to work with your kiddos on time and counting a collection of coins!  We are really focusing on number patterns (skip counting) by 2’s, 4’s, 5’s, and 10’s.  We are also starting double digit addition without re-grouping.

Writing:  Our big focus is on, as it has been, making sure our stories have a beginning-middle-end and that we use our imagination.

Science/Social Studies:  We are learning about the GREATEST state of all! We will focus on Texas and all the great things about our home state.  This is one of my favorite things to really get in to! We will learn the special foods, flowers, capital, regions, state symbols, where things can be located, and neighboring states.

Thanks for all you do!!! I hope to see you Friday!