Spelling Test tomorrow and Some Weekly Info

Tomorrow is our second spelling test of the year. The words are with, at, was, are, his, they, for, he, as, on

These words remain up on the word wall all year and are available to your kids at all parts of the day. They will be responsible for 20 words total following this test. They will be held accountable in their reading and writing from all previous tested words.

In phonics we are working on blends which are when two consonants work together in a words. Last week we focused on l blends: /bl/ /cl/  /fl/ /pl/ etc. This week we will focus on s blends: /sp/ /sm/ /sk/ /st/ etc. Recognizing blends will help them to read better and write better.

In math, we are reviewing counting one to one, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and adding numbers. Our 1st 9 week benchmark is coming up next week.

In writing we will be creating and writing our class Spooky Story. This will take a couple of weeks to complete but interactive and shared writing is such a huge thing to model and promote independent writing.

In science we will learn facts about spiders. Researching  spiders and making a spider is part of our stations as well.

SPIRIT RIBBONS are for sale. $1

Buckets for Belle is this week.  Any donation is appreciated.

Homecoming Friday. Mums and garters may be worn to school. I will take pictures and then have them safe for the remainder of the day. Early release is at 1:15 on Friday. Please make arrangements and let me know via planner of any changes.

Graded papers will come home tomorrow. (Tues)

Math homework will be sent tomorrow. (Tues)

If you have any questions, feel free to text. (903)985-0778