Picture Day Tomorrow



Fall Pictures are being taken tomorrow and there will be an order form/envelope in their Roughneck folder for you to fill out if you wish to purchase pictures.  These pictures will be in the yearbook. I know the kids will be SUPER cute tomorrow and will be smiling big for their 1st grade memories!! 🙂


Lacey James


We are rocking’ and rollin’

I hope you had a nice, restful weekend!!

We will be focusing more on writing this week. We will be using /s blends/ in our word work and in our writing.

We will also be having guided reading lessons all week. Continue signing those reading logs and add any comments you would like. 🙂

In math this week we will find all addition combinations for a given number. We will do this in computation and problem solving.

We will be using what we have learned about the 5 senses to explore the four seasons of the year in science. The weather should be nice for us to go out to the Nature Center and see, smell, hear, and touch all the different things there.

Also, please ask your kids to TEACH you what they know about the eye, nose, tongue, and ears. You will be surprised.

They also might tell you how BITTER something tastes. This week in stations I am playing a joke on your precious babies. I placed a 100% cocao baking chocolate bar in their research station. They are to predict the taste and then experiment by tasting the items.  So chips are salty, warheads are sour, gummies are sweet and they also predict the chocolate bar to be sweet… it looks like a yummy candy bar SURPRISE it is bitter! Haha they can’t get to the trashcan fast enough to spit it out. I think it is a great way to teach the bitterness taste and to teach the scientific method of predicting and experiment to see if your prediction was correct. It is also really funny to watch 🙂

Here are some upcoming events to look forward to:

Sept.28-Progress Reports Sent Home

Sept. 30-Fall Pictures

Oct. 7-Early Student Release @ 11:30

Oct. 8- Ms. James will be out- There will be a substitute teacher

Oct. 16-End of Six Weeks

Oct. 16-Homecoming Early Release @ 1:15 (cars) @1:30 (buses) and  2:3o Pep Rally


Any questions or concerns please contact me.

[email protected]

Thank you! Happy Monday,

Lacey James


Book Orders and Math Homework

I will be sending home 2 Scholastic book orders today! This is very exciting for the kids because THEY get to choose the books that interest them! There are a lot of Halloween books in these orders along with their favorite characters and shows they might love at home…Personally, I have noticed these kids LOVE Pete The Cat! There are also a lot of educational nonfiction books to interest them.

In this special order, every child who orders a book will get one FREE book with their purchase! You can’t beat that. There are also over 37 items that are 5.00 or less!

I will have this order due by October 11, so if the kids do order a Halloween book, it will be here in time for the season!

Also, be looking for Math homework tonight.

*read the problem

*let them choose their strategy

*and always be sure there is a number sentence with the strategy.


Please guide the students and help if the student needs it!

Thanks for all the you do!!


September 21-25

Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great weekend!!

Another week has started and we are hard at it in first grade!!

First, I want to say thank you to all the parents who attended the Parent Orientation last Tuesday. I hope you all were well informed and remember to always feel free to email or call if you ever need to talk or if any questions come to mind.

This week: Reading: Last week I finished testing with a test called  Texas Primary Reading Inventory (TPRI). This is a mandated reading evaluation for all first graders. We will continue using short and long vowels in our reading and writing for our word work. I hope to begin guided reading this week which is where they read with a reading group and me to become more fluent and accurate readers. They will continue to bring books home. Please note on the reading log if the books were too hard, too easy, and any specific difficulties while reading.8TEjd6yjc

Writing: The students are working on writing a “first grade sentence or a “Smiley Sentence” that include spaces, no misspelled sight words, capital, punctuation, and their best penmanship. We will build on this to develop stories with illustrations.

Spelling: This week’s words are: he, for, was, on, are. The students’ spelling is also graded in their writing. Please work with your kiddo by writing them in fun ways, in the dirt, or creating them with play doh.

Math:  More comparing numbers, listing numbers from least to greatest, adding with an equation and counters and tools, and as always problem solving.

Science: We will be going over the 5 senses and start to experiment very soon!

Have a great week full of smiles! 🙂

Lacey Jamesvalentine-clip-art-21547

This week!

We will not be having a spelling test until Thursday due to having a sub in my room Monday and Tuesday. That is just an extra few days to practice!

We will continue to use different tools to add in math. Students should be able to use all of them, but will eventually choose the one they are most comfortable using to get the correct answer. Be sure and always watch for math homework. I send it home usually once a week.

We will also begin our study of the 5 senses this week.

Parent Orientation is this Tuesday, September 15th from 6:00-7:00. I hope you are all able to attend. Continue to check your child’s planner each day and initial. I hope you all have a good weekend and next week.


Thank you

Lacey James

Volunteers!! :)

colourful-volunteer-vector I am sending a note with your kiddo for some (or all) of you to volunteer around our campus! It would be a great if you could give your time and help to our school! There are many opportunities you can help with along with days available on the note.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to email me or call me and I will help you the best I can!

The counselor would like to have these forms back by Thursday, September 11th so she can start delegating as soon as possible!

Thank you for all the you do!!  🙂

Keep reading with your child every night!!



Lacey James

This week in class

11230648_1489438758037912_3405607422973349455_nI hope everyone had a great extended weekend for the Labor Day holiday! I had a lot of fun with my family in West Texas!! Check out the beautiful sunset I was able to capture in West Texas.


Now that we are back, we have a lot to cover this week!

This week in:

Reading: The students will be differentiating between vowels and consonants to improving reading and writing skills. I will continue to assess reading levels.

Spelling: in, it, is, you, that are our spelling words this week. Spelling is assessed in a cloze activity and dictation. The spelling test will be this Next Tuesday over the first 10 spelling words.

Math: The students will continue to count and compare groups and continue to problem solve using their tools.

Social Studies: The students will continue to listen to children’s literature reinforcing Champs behavior and class community behavior.8cxKnXn9i

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, Sept. 12: Monster Truck Rally/ 7:30pm/ Lonestar Speedway

Tuesday, Sept. 15: Parent Orientation/ 6pm-7pm/ in classroom

September 30: Picture Day


Thank you!!

Lacey James